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The franchisee will create one “master account” on the Duke Connected Equipment Platform website. Once the account is created, additional stores and pieces of equipment can be added, as well as adding Manager Accounts and access (described later in this document). This documentation can be used as a detailed guide for creating an account. Or you can simply

1) Go to
2) Click “Create new account”

The site will guide you through setting up your account.

Follow the steps below to create a new Duke Connected Equipment Platform account.

Step 1 – Access Duke Connected Equipment Platform website.

To create a new account, go to: and the following home page will appear. Click “Create New Account”..

Step 2 – License Agreement

After clicking “Create new Account” the Duke License Agreement acceptance page will appear.

Scroll down the License Agreement and select the “I acknowledge and understand the License Agreement” checkbox.

Once checked the “I Agree proceed next” button will be enabled. Click “I Agree proceed next”.

Step 3 – Email, Name and Password

You will now be directed to the ‘Create New Account’ screen. Enter the email to use for your account login. It must be a unique email address that has not previously been used to register as a new account. Any Duke Connected Equipment Platform notifications will be sent to this email address.

A password and repeat of the password for verification is also required. The password will be validated against the following conditions.

Complete the form by entering the First Name and Last Name of the registered user, then select “Next” to proceed to the next step of the registration process.

Step 4 – Email Verification

Following the email address and password entry you will be redirected to the following “Welcome!” page.

An email will be sent to the registered email.

Click “Verify” to verify the new user’s email address. You will have a set amount of time to click “Verify” otherwise you will need to resend another verification request..

Once verified you will be returned to your default Internet browser to continue the registration process. See below:

Click “Continue” to continue with the registration process..

Step 5 – Account Details

Following the email verification process the Account Name can now be entered. The company type will be set automatically.

Enter the Account Name and select the “Next” button. Your account details will be saved at this stage.

See below.

Step 10 - Registration Success

Your account has now been created, and equipment has been registered. A registration success page will appear as below.

An email will also be sent to the registered email address indicating that the Duke Connected Equipment Platform registration was successful.

Step 11 – Dashboard

Select the “Continue to Dashboard” option to enter the Duke Connected Equipment Platform dashboard page. You will be automatically logged on with your newly registered user. Training materials can also be accessed from this page. Once logged in you will have the ability to remotely update recipes and view diagnostic information. Additionally you will have the capability to, register new pieces of equipment and add managers as users to accounts.


1 – Overview

After the registration process has been completed you will now be able to log into the Duke Connected Equipment Platform using the user name and password set during the registration process.

After logging in the Duke Connected Equipment Platform landing page will appear as below. Options available to you are available on the left hand side master menu.

You will have access to:

    1) Viewing and editing your account details.

    2) Edit the details of the store created during the registration process.

    3) Add new stores and assign equipment to these stores.

    4) Register new equipment.

    5) Edit existing equipment.

    6) Select any connected equipment within your account and view current recipe settings and active recipe

    7) Access Help material such as training manuals and videos.

    8) Add new users at your access level or at a lower level users with limited functions compared to your user.

2 – Account

During the registration process your account has been created. Your account details can be modified if necessary.

1. To edit your account first select the “Accounts” menu on the master menu. Your Account information will appear. See below.

2. Make any required changes and click save to save the new account changes.

3 – Stores

The Stores menu allows you to add, delete and edit stores. The store created during the registration process will appear here. Equipment that is already registered or new equipment can be assigned to a store. To access Stores follow the steps below:

1. Select Stores from the left hand side master menu. Active stores available within the current account will be displayed. See below.

2. To add a new store select “Add New”. To edit an existing store select the (edit) icon..

3. When add or edit store is selected the following add/edit form will appear.

4. Enter the new or updated store details. Other required information for the store are store number, the store’s address and phone number. Optional fields that can be entered are the store name and the contact details. Any required fields are prefixed with a *.

5. When finished making the necessary adjustments select save.

6. You will be returned to the store list.

4 – Equipment

The Equipment screen will list your currently registered equipment within your account. Equipment connectivity status will be displayed. As a registered user you will be able to edit, delete and add new equipment. You will also be able to link your equipment to a store. Access to certain equipment for certain users can also be controlled within Users which will be detailed in a future section.

1. Enter the Equipment option on the left hand side master menu.

2. A list of existing equipment within your account will appear. The “Connectivity” column below will indicate if the equipment is either online or offline. See below:

3. To edit equipment details select the edit icon.

When editing equipment the following information gained during the registration process will not be permitted to be modified.

• Equipment Type
• Serial Number
• MAC Address

The edit equipment screen appears below:

4. Make any changes to the existing equipment and choose Save. You will now be returned to the equipment list screen.

5. To register new equipment select the “+ Add New” button.

6. Select “+ Add New” option to add new equipment. The following screen will appear.

7. You are able to register new equipment through this entry screen.

8. To add new equipment first select the store that the equipment will be assigned to. If the desired store does not exist you can select “+” next to the store number field to load the store creation page.

9. Following store selection the equipment can be named as a user friendly name if necessary. This is optional.

10. Lastly enter a matching serial number and API key. When registering new equipment the same serial number/API validation that occurs during the registration process will take place to ensure only valid equipment is added to the account in terms of a matching serial number and API key.

Checks are in place to ensure already registered equipment cannot be added a second time. When the serial number and API key have been entered choose SAVE to add the new equipment.

11. You will be returned to the equipment list page with the new equipment added.

5 – Users

During the registration process a user has been created. The access level of this user is called a “role admin” user. All functions previously described such as Stores and Equipment is available to you.

You also have the option to create lower-level users called “role users”. These users are more restricted and are only able to access equipment that you have given them access to. They are only allowed to visit the Dashboard page of the selected equipment. Options such as add/edit/delete of Stores and Equipment is not allowed.

To access Users to make user modifications follow these steps:

1. Select Users from the left hand side master menu.

The users screen will open.

Upon registration only one user will exist for the account. This is the user you created during the registration process.

Within this page you able to add new users and edit existing users.

2. To add a new user select “+Add New”. The following create user form will appear.

3. To add a new user first enter the email address along with the password.

An account selection combo box will appear but this account value cannot be changed.

The user role can be set to one of two access levels. The first being another role admin user which is the same level as your current user.

Alternatively a role level user can be created which allows this user to only view their allowed stores and equipment along with access to the Diagnostics/Dashboard section of the equipment (providing the equipment is connected).

4. The next section is the profile section. This will require the first name and last name of the user to be entered. Enter the first name and last name of the user.

5. The last section will display the store access. See below:

6. Select the desired access of the stores by selecting the appropriate item using the checkboxes.

7. When finished select save to save the store access. You will be returned back to the user list screen. The user list screen will be updated to also display the new user. See below.

6 – Role User Login

After creating a role user, the role user can now login into the Duke Connected Equipment Platform.

1. Provide the role user their email address and password.

2. The role user will login and have access to a restricted left hand side master menu. See below.

Access for a role user is limited to Stores and Equipment only. Any entries within Stores and Equipment the role user has access to cannot be edited – only viewed.

The role user can also access the Equipment dashboardl screen after selecting the equipment.

3. If necessary the role user can change their password by selecting the “WELCOME” box in the right hand top corner of the screen. See below:

4. After selecting the drop down a change password option will appear. See below.

5. Select the Change Password box. The change password screen will now appear.

7 – Help – Support Resources

A number of support materials are available on the Duke Connected Equipment Platform page.

1. To access first click on Support Resources. This will load the Support Resources page which will display any available videos or manuals. See below.

2. Any training materials and videos available to your user level will appear here.

3. To view a video click the “play” icon. The video will start to play in a new window. You can also download any videos to your local device for later use.

4. To view a manual click on the manual name. The manual will appear in another window. The manual can also be downloaded to your local device for later reading.